Position: Sales Supervisor

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New Cairo
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Job Description:

  • Follow up on the department’s monthly sales target achievement.
  • Achieving personal monthly sales target.
  • Distributing the project target responsible for it to the sales team leaders and following up on its achievement.
  • Supervising and monitoring sales teams and ensuring constant communication with brokerage companies.
  • Coordination between all sales team leaders to ensure that there are no problems between them.
  • Analyze the performance of competitors in the market and present the results to the direct manager.
  • Training and motivating the sales team to ensure that the desired target is achieved.
  • Prepare a report evaluating the performance of the sales team leaders on a monthly basis and present the results to the direct manager.
  • Develop a plan to attract new customers and present it to the direct manager.
  • Solve all problems facing team leaders.
  • Sending a daily report on the work completed.
  • Adherence to the company’s rules and regulations.
  • Any other tasks assigned by senior management or the direct manager.


Requirements (Qualifications, Experience, Skills)


University degree in a related field + certificates in real estate sales


  • High persuasion skills.
  • High self-control and calm abilities.
  • The skill of working in a team.
  • Skill in using Microsoft Office programs.
  • Good listening skills and tact in speaking.

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