6 Reasons why the new capital is the best real estate investment

 Why the new capital is the best real estate investment NOW?

The New Administrative Capital was able to attract many investors to achieve the best possible profits, and the population is expected to reach 40 million people. (population), which helps provide various types of integrated services needed by customers and increases investment in the administrative capital,

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1. The new administrative capital is the capital of the future state and is not just a residential real estate project

The city of the new administrative capital was established to be the capital of the state in the future, and attention was paid to it to balance the current capital of Egypt, Cairo, but the administrative capital was not established as a city that focused only on residential neighborhoods in a large way, but this time it focused on building a successful capital administratively, commercially, and residential homes with modern technology and standards. It is global, as the total area of the new administrative capital is about 170 thousand acres, which is larger than the area of Singapore and four times larger than the city of Washington, the capital of the United States of America, and due to that large area, it was divided into three phases, and it will include an international airport, presidential palaces, iconic tower

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2: The administrative capital is a sustainable city.

The New  Capital covers 60% to 70% of its energy needs with solar cells to provide clean energy and also guarantees renewable energy and reduces polluting emissions to reduce electricity bills, as well as relying on waste recycling to reduce environmental risks, making the Administrative Capital a healthy and ideal place for housing and the main destination for investors.


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3: The new administrative capital is a smart city that has the best infrastructure in Egypt.

The goal of building the new administrative capital is to provide a modern infrastructure that cannot be available in old cities such as Cairo and Giza, so the state has taken care to provide smart infrastructure for the administrative capital at the cost of 100 billion Egyptian pounds, or about 6.5 billion US dollars, and placed it on the most important map. Global cities are based on smart monitored networks through specialized programs that help in repair, replacement, and renewal operations without resorting to traditional excavation operations. And repair without interruption of services in the rest of the networks or interruption of service in large areas of the administrative capital’s neighborhoods.

4: The administrative capital is a green city.

The New Administrative Capital outperforms many economic capitals in the world by not ignoring green spaces. Despite the pressures of the world of finance and business, you will have green spaces in the administrative capital that absorb stress and anxiety, unlike the narrow spaces between skyscrapers in the most prominent cities of the world, which increase the feeling of suffocation.


5: Publicity for the Administrative Capital attracts investors and those looking for the best investment and high-end housing.

Investment in the Administrative Capital enjoys unlimited support from president Abdel Fattah el Sisi, which will contribute to removing all obstacles that may face any project within the Administrative Capital, whether it belongs to the public or the private sector.

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