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Based in Egypt, Nile Development Group is a 21st-century real estate developer with over one decade of proven track record in New Cairo, Al Mansoura, and New Administrative Capital. The company has developed several world-class projects that contributed to positioning Nile Development Group as one of the authority figures among real estate developers in New Administrative Capital and all over Egypt.
We create innovative projects that improve everyday living while connecting people of like minds together and representatives of an emerging generation of New Cites.


We are
future focused

We are committed to long-term value creation by protecting the planet, and our communities, and providing what matters most to our customers and partners. Our efforts are consistently geared towards making sure that every community is better off than they were before we came in.

We offer our customers a range of ultra-modern amenities and services in our buildings that will enable them to live healthier and more active lives.

Our approach
to sustainability

Our service is to a select group of pioneering global institutional investors who have similar goals. We work with co-investors to develop strategies that address specific needs and opportunities in different markets, sectors, and regions. As a result, they believe in our creative capabilities, convictions, significant successes in times past, and our commitment to being the best.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to improve the quality of life for people in terms of economic, social, and environmental sense by creating large-scale, high-impact projects through ingenious designs using cutting-edge technology. This way, we remain a force to reckon with in the real estate world both at national and international scenes for future generations.

Our Mission is to never be satisfied with the significant success we have recorded in time past but to consistently strive to achieve the best results yet. This we will do by striving to realize our dreams and aspirations for the future of urban development in Egypt.

Board of directors

Eng. Mohamed Taher

Eng. Mohamed Taher


A creative and strategic thinker, Eng. Mohamed Taher is constantly seeking new methods through which he can innovatively incorporate the latest technology and the best sustainable practices into the company's activities.

He has over 25 years of experience as a real estate expert, and he is aware of and values his clients' faith in him to meet and exceed their expectations. Furthermore, he serves as the Chairman of the Nile and Al-Ahram Real Estate Group.

Taher graduated from Mansoura University as a Civil Engineer. He creates brand new, creative designs and concepts by drawing on regional and global best practices and staying current with all of the latest developments in the real estate industry.

Mr. Mahmoud Taher

Mr. Mahmoud Taher


Mr. Mahmoud Taher is a visionary leader who is driven, tenacious, and passionate about creating sustainable organizational growth and a developed Egypt.

Taher serves as the CEO of the Nile and Al-Ahram Real Estate Group, a member of the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce's Board of Directors for the Real Estate Investment Division, and as Treasurer of the Association of New Cairo and the New Administrative Capital developers.

Taher makes sure that the correct tone is created at the top and helps to emphasize that the Directors are in support of the company's business transformation, changes & activities.

About us

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