The highest
vertical city
in africa
& the new capital
The largest building area
the tallest tower
highest track walked

To nile business city

The second highest skyscraper in Egypt, the highest vertical city in Africa, and the third tallest tower in Africa

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The middle of

In the center of the New Administrative capital's "Golden zone" is where you'll find the Nile Business City complex. It is strategically located right in the middle of the Green River which is on the strategically advantageous Mohammed Bin Zayed Axis.

Where everything
Is At Your Fingertips

Nile Business City is a convenient, practical place where everything is at your fingertips. This is because it offers a comprehensive package of facilities and services that are within easy reach, making business transactions easier and more enjoyable.

While you concentrate on achieving your goals, let us handle the minor issues. We propose a bustling boulevard with a full complement of services and amenities set amid contemporary architecture and lush vegetation, bridging the gap between New Cairo and the New Capital and opening the door to an unheard-of business model.

Connecting people and
buildings to THE FUTURE

The direction of technological trends frequently makes abrupt, unexpected turns and changes.
To provide our clients with a superior quality of life, we always work to keep up with the rapidly evolving technological trends.

The use of contemporary green technologies, such as solar panels and intelligent infrastructure systems, will be demonstrated in our business model.

Nile city center

Nile City Center is considered to be the largest tourist and entertainment mall located in the middle of the Green River and directly on the northern axis of Bin Zayed, with an area of 60,000 meters and the width of its facade up to 200 meters on the Green River. Therefore, 3 main entrances to the mall were designed on the Green River, which is considered One of the most important features of Nile City Center Mall, which provides its customers with everything they wish for and more.

middle of the green river
observation desk
233M Towers height
The highest you walk
Parking to 4000 cars
60 Elevator
panorama elevators
infinity pool
infinity view
Terrace Court

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