31N Tower

The 18,306 square meter-large 31North, the First Festival tower, is ideally situated in the center of the New Capital. It is situated within the vicinity of the administrative towers in Downtown, New Administrative Capital, with its enormous open areas overlooking the Green River. Nile Developments' 31N became the tallest skyscraper overlooking the Green River after being inspired by its genuine meaning of "the highest point."

A new Line of
business life

The 31N Tower offers facilities that blend balance and harmony with tranquility and an unrivaled enjoyable lifestyle. We offer a unique selection of unequaled services to 31N clients, as they enjoy unique services that make their tasks a delightful experience.

Suspended ceilings enhance lighting and allow lighting, computer, telephone, fire alarm, firefighting, and electrical system wires to be hidden from view. This is in addition to concentrating on daily necessities like all-inclusive business services, collective corporate meeting rooms, and a break room having up-to-date sports and relaxation amenities. Also contained within this ginormous skyscraper are food service areas, outdoor relaxation centers, security offices, and a guest management system.

near the project
Central park
Green river
From Ring road

31N is strategically located on the primary capillary road running through the center of the New Administrative Capital which is on the Mohammed Bin Zayed axis. It has several entry points; through the second greater Cairo Ring Road, Road 90, Suez, and Sokhna Roads. 31N is centrally placed in the middle of the New Administrative Capital's attractions and offers a beautiful view of the Green River.

Leisure facilities
Common corporate meeting rooms
The heart of the New Capital
We care for your security
Underground parking

Excellence, Professionalism
& Clients’ Satisfaction

When you hear the word 31N or first see it for the first time, you'll experience excellence and confidence since this symbol stands for mystery, strength, and excellence while giving you the drive to accomplish the seemingly impossible and the courage to complete your tasks. To ensure and guarantee the satisfaction of our clients, we at 31N constantly employ only experts with specialization in each task that is to be allocated. This is to uphold the highest standards, principles of professionalism, and excellence.

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