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Tycoon Tower

Tycoon Tower, the tallest hotel in Africa, is poised to become the most recognizable hotel in the New Administrative Capital. The hotel's luxury and unobstructed views of the Green River attract both locals and tourists from all over the world, proving that it is a unique property in one of the most interesting cities in […]

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Nile Business City

Covering a landmass of 60,000 meters and having a facade width of up to 200 meters on the Green River, Nile City Center is believed to be the biggest tourist and entertainment complex. It is situated on the northern axis of Bin Zayed right in the Green River. To provide its patrons with all they […]

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31N Tower

The 18,306 square meter-large 31North, the First Festival tower, is ideally situated in the center of the New Capital. It is situated within the vicinity of the administrative towers in Downtown, New Administrative Capital, with its enormous open areas overlooking the Green River. Nile Developments' 31N became the tallest skyscraper overlooking the Green River after […]

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