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Explore New Cairo and Fifth Settlement: A Modern Map

Explore New Cairo and Fifth Settlement A Modern Map mobExplore New Cairo and Fifth Settlement A Modern Map mob

New Cairo, especially the Fifth Settlement and Beit El Watan, are considered modern and thriving areas in Egypt. These regions have been developed with ambitious investment vision to meet the needs of residents and emerging businesses in Greater Cairo. They are distinguished by thoughtful design and advanced infrastructure, making them an ideal destination for living and investment.


Situated east of Greater Cairo, New Cairo and the Fifth Settlement are modern cities designed with precision and meticulous planning to provide an ideal environment for both residents and investors. These areas are renowned for their contemporary lifestyle and modern facilities, including schools, universities, hospitals, commercial centers, restaurants, and more. Beit El Watan is a distinctive residential area within New Cairo, featuring modern and horizontal designs along with expansive green spaces. It serves as an example of sustainable construction and modern living in Cairo, offering a variety of residential units to suit individual and family needs.


New Cairo, the Fifth Settlement, and Beit El Watan are integrated areas that provide a high level of luxury and comfort. These regions are witnessing increasing demand from investors and residents due to their unique advantages and available investment opportunities. Thanks to advanced infrastructure and meticulous urban planning, these areas offer an ideal environment for modern living and economic growth.


Detailed Map of New Cairo:

  • New Cairo is one of the new cities in Egypt located east of Greater Cairo. A large area, approximately 500 square kilometers, has been allocated for the development of this modern city.


  • New Cairo is situated between the Cairo Desert and the Western Suez Canal. The geographical location of New Cairo is strategically important, allowing easy access from neighboring cities through highways and public transportation.


  • New Cairo has been designed to meet the diverse needs of residents and investors, providing a modern and comfortable urban environment. The city features meticulous urban planning that includes diverse residential areas, commercial and industrial zones, service and entertainment areas, educational and healthcare facilities, as well as green spaces and parks.


  • Due to its strategic location and extensive area, New Cairo is an ideal destination for investors looking to develop real estate and commercial projects. It is also a preferred living destination for individuals and families seeking a comfortable life with integrated facilities.


Map of the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo:

  • The Fifth Settlement is one of the main areas in New Cairo. Located east of Greater Cairo, it is part of the development of New Cairo, stretching over an area of approximately 70,000 acres.


  • The Fifth Settlement enjoys a prime location, making it attractive to residents and investors. It is situated near the Suez Road, Shorouk City, and the Ring Road. Its proximity to major roads and key arteries in Cairo facilitates easy access to surrounding areas.


  • The Fifth Settlement is renowned as a vibrant and integrated hub featuring a variety of luxurious residential complexes and well-organized communities. It includes upscale commercial and entertainment areas, such as shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, theaters, sports facilities, parks, and gardens.


  • Thanks to its advanced infrastructure and attractive urban design, the Fifth Settlement is an ideal place for living and investment. It offers a diverse range of services and facilities, including international schools, universities, hospitals, and large commercial centers.


  • Ninety Street is one of the main streets in the Fifth Settlement. Considered the central axis of New Cairo, Ninety Street is characterized by numerous facilities and services that make it an ideal destination for residents and visitors. The street includes upscale shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, and enjoyable entertainment venues. It also features advanced healthcare and educational facilities, as well as sports and religious amenities. Ninety Street and its surrounding areas are a desirable destination for living and investment due to advanced infrastructure, safety, tranquility, diversity, and entertainment.


  • Distinctive areas in the Fifth Settlement include El Korba, El Narges, El Lotus, Shwaifat, and West Arabella.


Features of the Fifth Settlement, New Cairo:

The Fifth Settlement in New Cairo boasts several features that make it an ideal destination for living and investment, including:

  • Outstanding Geographic Location: The Fifth Settlement is strategically located in East Cairo, surrounded by major cities such as Nasr City, Heliopolis, and the First Settlement.


  • Advanced Infrastructure: The Fifth Settlement is known for its advanced facilities and services, including schools, universities, hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants, and cafes.


  • Security: The Fifth Settlement is considered one of the safest areas in New Cairo, with numerous security services and protection measures.


  • Green Spaces and Gardens: The Fifth Settlement features numerous green spaces and beautiful gardens, making it an ideal place for living and relaxation.


  • Wide and Comfortable Streets: The Fifth Settlement is characterized by wide and comfortable streets, ensuring easy and convenient traffic flow.


  • Luxury and Diverse Real Estate: The Fifth Settlement offers a variety of luxurious real estate options, including apartments, villas, and townhouses, making it an ideal destination for living and investment.


  • Moderate Climate: The Fifth Settlement enjoys a moderate climate throughout the year.


Map of Beit El Watan, Fifth Settlement, New Cairo:

  • Beit El Watan is part of the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo. It is considered one of the main residential areas in the Fifth Settlement, characterized by modern urban design and diverse residential communities.


  • The Beit El Watan area is located in the northeast part of the Fifth Settlement, bordered by the Ring Road to the north and Shorouk City. Beit El Watan is known for its tranquility, safety, and integrated services provided to its residents.


  • Beit El Watan includes a range of luxurious residential complexes and modern real estate projects, comprising villas and residential apartments with different designs and high-quality amenities. It also features commercial centers, entertainment complexes, schools, hospitals, sports facilities, and gardens.


  • Beit El Watan is considered a sustainable community, with extensive green spaces and a thoughtful urban planning system aimed at providing a comfortable and healthy environment for residents. It enjoys a central location that facilitates easy access to other areas in the Fifth Settlement and neighboring cities.


  • Various transportation options are available in Beit El Watan, including bus services, taxis, and private transportation, making it easy to navigate and reach different destinations within and outside the area.


  • The significance of Beit El Watan as an upscale residential and commercial area in the Fifth Settlement has made it a well-known destination for investors and residents in New Cairo.


Major Roads in New Cairo:

New Cairo features several major roads that facilitate traffic movement and access to different areas in the city. Here are some important roads in New Cairo:

  • Ring Road: The Ring Road surrounding New Cairo is one of the main roads, providing fast connections to various areas in the city and facilitating access to neighboring cities.


  • Suez Road: The Suez Road, extending east of New Cairo, is another major road. This road stretches from central Cairo to Suez, offering a crucial link to the eastern and coastal areas.


  • Regional Ring Road: The Regional Ring Road is a significant road in New Cairo, forming a loop around residential and commercial areas in the city, making it easy to reach different areas within New Cairo.


  • Ain El Sokhna Road: The Ain El Sokhna Road is an important road connecting New Cairo to the coastal resorts of Ain El Sokhna. This road extends for a long distance, providing a direct link to the Red Sea.


In addition to these major roads, there is a network of sub-roads and internal streets in New Cairo that connect residential, commercial, and service areas. This advanced road network facilitates traffic flow and provides efficient transportation within the city.


Factors that make New Cairo attractive for investors and residents:

  • New Cairo has been designed with advanced urban planning aimed at providing a integrated and comfortable living environment. The urban planning includes extensive green spaces, parks, gardens, and artificial lakes, creating an attractive and refreshing environment that contributes to the well-being of residents.


  • Advanced infrastructure is provided in New Cairo, including sophisticated road networks and an efficient transportation system that facilitates movement and mobility within the city. The city also features modern hospitals, schools, universities, diverse commercial centers, and recreational and sports facilities, comprehensively meeting the needs of residents.


  • New Cairo offers vast economic opportunities for investors. The city attracts numerous major companies and projects in various fields such as real estate, commerce, industry, and technology. The area includes commercial complexes, financial centers, and business hubs, enhancing economic activity and providing employment opportunities and economic development for the population.


  • New Cairo is considered a safe and stable area, making it a preferred destination for residents and investors. The city provides a strong security system with the presence of security forces, fostering confidence and comfort among the population.


  • New Cairo boasts a culturally and socially diverse environment, with residents from various nationalities and cultural backgrounds. This contributes to cultural coexistence and interaction, offering a variety of cultural, entertainment, culinary, and café options.


  • New Cairo and the Fifth Settlement serve as a hub for real estate development and investment. Policies and measures have been adopted to facilitate real estate investment and attract foreign clients.


  • Vibrant Facilities and Services: The areas provide a range of vital facilities and services, including upscale shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, medical centers, and educational institutions, making them an ideal place for living and investment.


  • New Cairo and the Fifth Settlement house industrial, commercial, and business zones, offering diverse job opportunities and the potential for professional success across various sectors.


In New Cairo and the Fifth Settlement, a plethora of services and facilities are available for residents and visitors:

  • Shopping Malls: The area boasts numerous upscale shopping malls, such as Point 90 Mall, First Mall, and Down Town. These malls house a variety of retail stores, restaurants, and enjoyable entertainment venues.


  • Health Facilities: The region provides advanced health facilities, including hospitals, medical clinics, and pharmacies.


  • Educational Facilities: Many schools, universities, and advanced educational centers are available in the area.


  • Sports Facilities: Several sophisticated sports facilities, including sports clubs, stadiums, and sports halls, are present in the region.


  • Religious Facilities: Various religious facilities, such as mosques and churches, are available in the area.


  • Government Facilities: Numerous government facilities, such as the Fifth Settlement Post Office, are accessible in the region.


  • Entertainment Facilities: The area offers many enjoyable entertainment facilities, including parks, gardens, and amusement parks.


New Cairo, the Fifth Settlement, and Beit El Watan represent dynamic growth areas for both investors and residents. These regions combine advanced infrastructure, promising economic opportunities, diverse services, and security and stability. The area is experiencing rapid urban development with the construction of large-scale projects and modern communities. Additionally, New Cairo and the Fifth Settlement provide a diverse and multicultural environment, featuring green spaces and beautiful gardens that enhance the quality of life and offer opportunities for recreation and relaxation. The regions also offer ample employment opportunities across various sectors, making them an ideal destination for those seeking job prospects.


Beit El Watan is a key area in New Cairo, characterized by its modern design and well-planned urban layout. It provides a variety of services and facilities, including schools, hospitals, commercial centers, and green spaces. Overall, New Cairo, the Fifth Settlement, and Beit El Watan are enticing destinations for investors and residents, blending modernity, development, and economic opportunities. Continued growth and development are expected in these areas, making them ideal for investment and living.


Investors and residents are advised to conduct thorough research and perform a detailed assessment of their needs and personal goals before making any investment decisions or relocating to these regions.

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Explore New Cairo and Fifth Settlement: A Modern Map

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