11 September، 2023

Nile League draw ceremony (Diamond Jubilee edition of the Egyptian League)

Nile League draw ceremony (Diamond Jubilee edition of the Egyptian League)Nile League draw ceremony (Diamond Jubilee edition of the Egyptian League)

The People's Square... The radiant stage to welcome 'The Nile Play.'

The People's Square has been adorned in its finest attire, ready to host a unique ceremony to announce the sponsors of the national team and unveil the much-anticipated draw for 'The Nile League.' The new season's kickoff marks the beginning of a thrilling football marathon filled with competitions and excitement, scheduled for the evening of Monday, September 11th. This reaffirms modern Egypt's connection to its rich sporting heritage, as history is once again witnessed.


"The Nile League" is preparing to take off from the heart of the People's Square.

Only a few hours remain before the eagerly anticipated event, and the People's Square is brimming with vibrancy in preparation for the unveiling of 'The Nile League' draw. The upcoming evening will be an exceptional gathering for millions of football enthusiasts in Egypt, as the competition kicks off under the sponsorship of Nile Real Estate Development Company. This championship is not only the oldest and largest in the Arab and Middle Eastern region but also a true manifestation of the evolution of Egyptian sports in a new era. The construction and development in the People's Square serve as a testament to the great renaissance underway in Egypt.


"The Nile League"... A launch from the Administrative Capital that outlines the contours of a new success.

In the evening, 'The Nile League' will once again see the light in its renewed edition, heralding a new chapter in the Egyptian sports narrative. As the sun sets, the People's Square will shine brightly, hosting this prestigious football event. Nile Real Estate Development Company has chosen this venue to showcase Egypt's success story and achievements that have defied time and place. Because 'The Nile League' is not just a league; it is history, culture, and passion.


"The Nile League and the participating teams."

"In the Egyptian Premier League, 18 teams compete with enthusiasm and excitement. These teams are: Al Ahly, Zamalek, Pyramids FC, FC Masr, Al Masry, Ismaily, Al Ittihad Alexandria, Al Dakhlia, Tala'ea El Gaish, Smouha, Ceramica Cleopatra, Al Ahly Bank, Pharco, Arab Contractors, ENPPI, and Inpy. In addition to these, there are three newly promoted clubs this season: Beladiya Al-Mahalla, El Gouna, and Zad Club."


"The Egyptian Nile League system for the year 2024."

"Based on previous statements by Ahmed Diab, it is expected that the Egyptian Nile League for the year 2024 will follow the current system, with 18 teams participating in the competition.


The list of teams in the Premier League will include the teams that occupy the first and second positions in the African Champions League, while the teams that occupy the third and fourth positions will qualify to participate in the Confederation Cup. As for the teams finishing in the last three positions, they will be relegated to the Professional League."


It's worth mentioning that there will not be a separate draw for the Egyptian Nile League in 2024, which is different from previous seasons where Al Ahly and Zamalek were placed in separate groups. This meant that the highly anticipated match between the two top teams was guaranteed at the end of the first and second seasons.

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Nile League draw ceremony (Diamond Jubilee edition of the Egyptian League)

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