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Universities in the New Administrative Capital

Universities in the New Administrative CapitalUniversities in the New Administrative Capital

The universities in the New Administrative Capital are among the most important educational facilities in the city, receiving significant attention and focus from the capital authorities. These universities are leading educational institutions dedicated to providing exceptional and high-quality education to students in various disciplines.


The New Administrative Capital places great emphasis on education.

  • The New Administrative Capital aims to provide an advanced and ideal educational environment for students by offering modern facilities equipped with the latest technologies and educational resources. It boasts universities with modern infrastructure, state-of-the-art laboratories, extensive libraries, and open academic spaces, all contributing to providing a comprehensive and exciting learning experience for students.


  • The New Administrative Capital also focuses on offering a diverse range of specializations in its universities. Students can choose from a wide array of disciplines, including engineering, medical sciences, social sciences, business administration, arts, design, and many others. This provides diverse opportunities for students to explore their interests and pursue their academic aspirations.


  • The universities in the New Administrative Capital reflect the city's commitment to enhancing academic and professional competencies. They strive to provide distinguished and experienced faculty members and organize workshops, lectures, and seminars to enhance the practical skills and knowledge of students. This contributes to preparing them to face the challenges of the job market and achieve future success.


  • The New Administrative Capital universities are considered an urban hub for higher education and research, where a modern and advanced educational environment is provided to foster the development and empowerment of students to become qualified professionals in their chosen fields. The growing emphasis on education in the New Administrative Capital reflects the city's dedication to developing a skilled workforce.


Universities in the New Administrative Capital:


German International University of Applied Sciences:

The German International University for Applied Sciences is located in the New Administrative Capital and is a German cultural institution. The university offers educational programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students in various disciplines. The German University in the New Administrative Capital consists of several faculties, including the Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Biotechnology, Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Computer Science, and Faculty of Design.


It is expected that approximately 7,000 male and female students will be accepted at the German University in the New Administrative Capital. The university offers 39 college scholarships for top-performing students in the general secondary education across the country. As for tuition fees, the cost of engineering, business administration, and applied computer science programs is approximately 68,000 Egyptian pounds, while the cost of studying design is around 77,000 Egyptian pounds.


Canadian University New Administrative Capital:

One of the most important universities in the New Administrative Capital is dedicated to increasing students' awareness and expanding their knowledge. It is situated on a 50-acre campus and offers a diverse range of fields of study, including engineering, literature, and social sciences.


American International University:

An important feature of the American University is its commitment to preparing students for the highest levels of the job market. The American University campus spans 50 acres and is equipped to accommodate 21,000 students.

The American University offers a wide range of specializations, including architectural design, engineering, economics, political science, business administration, pharmacy, and media studies.


Coventry University:

The Coventry University, British branch, was established in the New Administrative Capital near Midtown Sky Compound. It offers foreign faculty members, advanced educational resources, support for cutting-edge scientific tools, and post-graduation employment opportunities. The tuition fees for Coventry University amount to £5,500 per year, which is approximately 116,000 Egyptian pounds for the academic year. The university offers various specializations, including engineering, arts, media, and others.


Hungarian University New Administrative Capital:

What sets apart the University of Hungary and the universities in the New Administrative Capital is the presence of foreign faculty members, contributing to broadening students' horizons of knowledge. The University of Hungary comprises several faculties, including electronic biology, media, engineering, and arts and humanities.


The European University in the New Administrative Capital:

This university is situated on an 80-acre campus and offers diverse academic programs in various disciplines, including mechanical engineering, applied computer science, data science, software engineering, and architectural design.


Advantages of universities in the New Administrative Capital:

The universities in the New Administrative Capital offer several features that make them an ideal destination for higher education. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • The universities in the New Administrative Capital benefit from modern and advanced infrastructure. The campuses are designed with the latest technologies and modern facilities to meet the needs of students and faculty.


  • The universities in the New Administrative Capital provide state-of-the-art educational facilities, including laboratories equipped with the latest technologies, extensive libraries, and well-equipped classrooms. These facilities contribute to delivering a comprehensive and exceptional educational experience.


  • The universities in the New Administrative Capital offer a wide range of different specializations. Whether you are interested in medical sciences, engineering, arts, or social sciences, you will find a major that suits your academic interests and aspirations.


  • These universities rely on qualified and experienced faculty members. They comprise distinguished professors and lecturers who contribute to delivering high-quality education and provide academic support to students.


  • The universities in the New Administrative Capital aim to promote scientific research and innovation. They provide an encouraging environment for students and faculty members to engage in research and innovation activities and develop innovative projects.


  • These universities prioritize providing employment opportunities and establishing partnerships with industries and other institutions. Training and professional development programs are offered to students to empower them to confidently enter the job market.


Universities in the New Administrative Capital are an ideal choice for obtaining more accurate information about the current features of these institutions. It is recommended to contact the specific universities that interest you. You can visit the universities' websites or contact them directly to obtain up-to-date information about academic programs, facilities, and available services.


How can I apply to study in the universities of the New Administrative Capital?

You can apply for study at the universities in the New Administrative Capital by following these steps:

  • Research and find the suitable university and desired major.
  • Check the admission requirements and the documents needed for the application.
  • Create an account on the university's website and fill out the online application form.
  • Submit the required documents, such as your birth certificate, passport-sized photos, and high school diploma.
  • Pay the registration and application fees.
  • Wait for a response from the university regarding your application acceptance.

You can obtain more information about the application procedures, admission requirements, and tuition fees by visiting the respective university's websites or contacting them directly.


Educational services available in the New Administrative Capital:

The New Administrative Capital offers a diverse and advanced educational environment, featuring numerous international universities and branches of foreign universities that grant high-quality degrees in various fields and specializations. Tuition fees for universities in the New Administrative Capital vary between institutions and different majors.


Schools in the New Administrative Capital provide a conducive learning environment for students. They offer curricula based on British, American, French, German, and other educational systems and are known for providing an educational setting with creative spaces for students.


Are there any discounts or scholarships available for students at AUC?

Yes, the American University in Egypt offers discounts and scholarships for eligible students. These discounts and scholarships are available based on academic performance and financial need. Students should inquire directly with the university's financial aid office for specific information about available opportunities and application requirements. Students are also encouraged to research external grants and funding programs through other organizations and institutions that may provide financial support for international and needy students. Information about these grants can be found online or by contacting scholarship and financial aid offices at different universities and educational institutions.


Is there a demand for universities in the New Administrative Capital?

There is a growing interest and demand for universities in the New Administrative Capital in Egypt. The New Administrative Capital was designed to be a modern and advanced city with integrated infrastructure and high-level educational and cultural facilities. The universities in the New Administrative Capital are considered an attractive destination for students due to their modern facilities and advanced technologies used in the education process. Furthermore, the availability of multiple facilities such as modern libraries and state-of-the-art laboratories enhances the appeal of these universities. Additionally, the New Administrative Capital may provide new economic and job opportunities due to the presence of many companies, government organizations, and international institutions in the area. This attracts students who seek employment opportunities and practical experiences after graduation.


The New Administrative Capital is witnessing a growing interest and demand from students who wish to enroll in universities in this modern and advanced region.


The universities in the New Administrative Capital are witnessing an increase in interest and demand. These universities are known for their advanced infrastructure and modern facilities, providing an ideal learning environment for students. Universities in the New Administrative Capital offer opportunities for academic and professional growth, relying on advanced technological resources and offering diverse and specialized educational programs in a wide range of fields. Furthermore, the New Administrative Capital provides an ideal environment for students in terms of job opportunities and practical experiences. The presence of companies, government organizations, and international institutions in the region creates opportunities for employment and practical collaboration after graduation.


The universities in the New Administrative Capital represent an enticing option for ambitious students seeking high-quality education in a modern and advanced environment. If you are looking for an opportunity for academic and professional learning and growth, the universities in the New Administrative Capital may be the ideal choice for you.


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Universities in the New Administrative Capital

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