Laying the foundation stone of the highest vertical city in Africa NILE BUSINESS CITY

Laying the foundation stone of the Highest Vertical City in Africa NILE BUSINESS CITY

Greetings to those who turn dust into gold and make dreams into glories that embrace the sky..

Yesterday we laid the foundation stone for the "Nile Business City" of the four skyscrapers... But let us tell you how we reached this great achievement.

In the beginning, it was a “dream” to see the high skyscrapers in our country as in the capitals. Why not when we are the country of great builders from the era of Imhotep, the genius of the pyramids?.. Then was the moment when we knew that there is a land they call the “golden point” in The new administrative is the heart of downtown in the administrative the middle of its important neighborhoods, directly on its green river, an integrated city built vertically.” Four adjacent skyscrapers create a city that is the highest, newest, and most luxurious.

The moment of laying the foundation stone was exceptional  It was a moment that doubled our commitment to those who trusted us so that we all see this amazing building embracing the clouds, captivating the eyes, and captivating the hearts.

Nile Real Estate Development Company .. the first Egyptian company, specializing in skyscrapers.

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