30 July، 2023

Nile Boulevard's launch, from concept to implementation

Nile Boulevard's launch, from concept to implementationNile Boulevard's launch, from concept to implementation

What is Nile Boulevard?

Nile Boulevard is a unique residential real-estate project that is characterized with a distinguished modern French design and a fully-fledged lifestyle that combines work, residency and entertainment in one place in New Cairo.


How did Nile Developments come up with the ultimate relaxing environment for Nile Boulevard's residents?

Nile Developments began studying the trends of the Egyptian real-estate market in New Cairo over the last three years, where opinion polls where conducted amongst a wide segment of clients to understand their residential needs, avoiding noise, pollution, lack of productivity and the loss of time and effort. The company has examined the latest studies related to providing the best integrated residential models around the world. Therefore, Nile Developments' board of directors were keen to attend all the sessions of COP27 related to residential communities development, because the environmental factor in building and construction is linked to achieving serenity and providing a positive environment for residents and their families.


The outcomes reached by Nile Developments after studying the latest real-estate market trends:

Nile Developments was able to come up with the best results to solve customers' problems, meet their needs and provide a developed and civilised residential environment. It was found that creating an integrated residential community that combines services, work, entertainment and green spaces is the best residential model around the world, as it aims to save time and effort and achieves a flexible, comfortable and luxurious standard of living.

"A few steps to all your needs with minimal effort and within a few minutes"


Nile Developments' action after studying the latest real-estate market trends:

Nile Developments decided, after careful analysis and research, to take a step forward and achieve the ultimate equation of balance between work, residency, entertainment and services, by implementing a unique, distinctive and ideal lifestyle. In addition, Nile Developments board of directors travelled to France to examine the modernization of French architecture, as France being the idealistic museum of architecture around the world. Also, Nile Developments held a competition for the most mesmerising French architectural design, where a dazzling one was chosen that will achieve the perfect French lifestyle model in terms of beauty and unique construction.


Where is Nile Boulevard?

Nile Boulevard is characterized by its privileged location with high proximity to important main axes and landmarks, including:

  • The project is located directly on Suez road.
  • A minute away from Mohamed Naguib Axis.
  • 11 minutes from Madinaty.
  • 10 minutes away from the American University and Cairo International Airport.
  • A minute away from Family Park and 2 minutes away from Al Rehab city.
  • 16 minutes away from the New Administrative Capital.


Nile Boulevard's area:

The project is on a land area of 29 acres, that is divided into:

  • 50% commercial and administrative units.
  • 50% for a fully residential compound.

The project has 14.5 acres of services to fulfil all the residents' needs.


Unit spaces in Nile Boulevard:

Unit spaces start from 128 sqm with a variety and diversity that include:

  • Apartments
  • Garden villa
  • Sky villa


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31 North Tower, the first Festival Tower located in the heart of the New Administrative Capital. This tower stands out with a unique and iconic design, occupying a prime location in the Downtown area, one of the most upscale and important areas in the New Administrative Capital. It stretches over a total area of 18,306 square meters, featuring a main façade that spans 100 meters, with a captivating view of the Green River and extensive green spaces surrounding it. The building is designed according to the latest global standards to achieve the highest levels of luxury and productivity simultaneously. The tower consists of 31 upper floors, in addition to 5 lower floors.


Get to know 'Nile Business City,' the distinctive vertical city that ranks as the tallest vertical city in Africa. It holds a unique position in the heart of the New Administrative Capital and stands as the second tallest skyscraper in Egypt and the third tallest tower in Africa. This massive city extends over the largest constructed area, covering 296,000 square meters. It is distinguished by the height of its towers, reaching 233 meters and housing 60 elevators. Discover the charm of this unique city and enjoy an unparalleled experience in the heart of the New Administrative Capital.


Explore Tycoon Tower, the tallest hotel in Africa, reaching a height of 233 meters. It's an exceptional real estate project that sets a new global standard as the tallest hotel on the African continent. This architectural masterpiece is part of the Nile Business City Towers, the latest historic addition to the skyline of the Downtown area in the New Administrative Capital. This massive project, developed by Nile Real Estate Development Company, is the largest to date. The building features its astonishing design and contemporary interiors, as well as an Infinity Pool on the rooftop, providing breathtaking 365-degree views of Downtown and the New Administrative Capital. As the tallest hotel in Africa, Tycoon Tower is expected to become the most renowned hotel landmark in the New Administrative Capital. The direct and luxurious views of the Green River, combined with the hotel's available amenities, make it an attractive destination for both local residents and international visitors to the city, enhancing the hotel's status as a unique property in one of the world's most exciting cities. These global characteristics make Tycoon Tower one of the most thrilling investments in our rapidly growing portfolio.


Explore Nile Boulevard compound, an architectural masterpiece inspired by elegant French design, offering a unique lifestyle. It is an artistic creation radiating a captivating urban charm, where beauty, elegance, and excitement converge in one place, all adorning the vibrant heart of New Cairo. When viewed from a distance, Nile Boulevard appears as a traditional French city with alluring creative details embellishing the skyline. As you draw closer, you'll discover a comprehensive world sparkling before you, spanning an area of 29 acres, far from the noise and commotion of other worlds. The boundaries of Nile Boulevard have been intelligently designed, making it easy for residents to access services within just 3 to 5 minutes on foot, right next to their homes.

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Nile Boulevard's launch, from concept to implementation

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