1 June، 2022

“Nile Business City” embraces the sky of the Administrative Capital

“Nile Business City” embraces the sky of the Administrative Capital“Nile Business City” embraces the sky of the Administrative Capital

Asala shines at the inauguration ceremony of the third-tallest tower in Africa

In the presence of a group of the brightest stars of art, society, and the real estate sector, the Nile Real Estate Development Company inaugurated the “Nile Business City” project – the third tallest skyscraper in Africa – in a glorious artistic ceremony performed by the Syrian singer Asala, who resonated with her sweet voice in the sky of the new administrative capital.

During the ceremony, the star praised Asala with a number of her most famous songs, which added a state of joy to the audience, among whom were the media, Amr El-Leithi, artist Ahmed Abdel Aziz, artist Elham Shaheen, actress Mai Omar, and former football player Captain Mohamed Zidan, who expressed their admiration in their words. The most distinguished location of the Nile Business City in the heart of the Downtown area, and their fascination with the splendor of the design to be rightfully the “Dora Taj” of the Administrative Capital projects and one of the modern architectural icons.

The ceremony began with a welcome speech from Eng. Mohamed Taher, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Nile Real Estate Development Company, expressed his happiness at the announcement of the company’s latest projects, which establishes a new phase in its architectural history spanning more than twenty years, and reflect the company’s future and ambitious vision and strategy in implementing innovative and high-end projects.

Taher said: “Seven thousand years ago, Egypt witnessed the birth of a civilization that laid the foundations and the arts of construction and building in which the hands of the ancient Egyptians excelled and trusted them on the walls of temples and the pyramids lying on the banks of the immortal Nile River… And here today we stand together on the land of the new administrative capital to continue with what he embarked on. grandparents, and let hands join hands to build the new republic.


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Discover 31 North Tower, the unique building that stands as the first Festival Tower in the heart of the New Administrative Capital. This tower is distinguished by its iconic and outstanding design, offering a captivating view towards the Downtown area, one of the most prominent and significant locations in the New Administrative Capital. The tower extends over a total area of 18,306 square meters, featuring a main facade that exceeds 100 meters in width, providing a splendid view of the Green River and surrounded by vast green spaces. This building is designed according to the latest global trends, with the aim of achieving the highest levels of luxury and productivity simultaneously. It is designed with a height reaching 31 upper floors, in addition to 5 lower floors.


Explore 'Nile Business City,' the exceptional vertical city that stands as the tallest vertical city in Africa, strategically located in the heart of the New Administrative Capital. It's the second tallest skyscraper in Egypt and the third tallest tower on the African continent. This vast city extends over the largest constructed area, spanning 296,000 square meters, and is distinguished by the height of its towers, reaching 233 meters, with 60 elevators. Discover the elegance of this city and enjoy an extraordinary experience in the heart of the New Administrative Capital.


Welcome to Tycoon Tower, the tallest hotel in Africa, with a height of 233 meters. It's an exceptional real estate project that sets a new global standard as the tallest hotel on the African continent. Tycoon Tower is part of the Nile Business City Towers, representing the latest historic addition to the skyline of the Downtown area in the New Administrative Capital. It's the largest real estate development project completed so far by Nile Real Estate Development Company. The building features its astonishing design and contemporary interiors, including an Infinity Pool on the rooftop, providing visitors with breathtaking 365-degree views of Downtown and the New Administrative Capital. Thanks to its status as the tallest hotel in Africa, Tycoon Tower is expected to become the key reference in the hotel industry in the New Administrative Capital. The direct and luxurious location on the Green River, combined with the available amenities in the hotel, makes it an enticing destination for local residents and international visitors, reaffirming its status as a unique property in one of the world's most exciting cities. These global attributes make Tycoon Tower one of the most thrilling investments in our fast-growing portfolio.


Nile Boulevard Compound, a remarkable architectural project inspired by the refined French style, is distinguished by an exceptional lifestyle. It's an artistic masterpiece that exudes a captivating urban character, combining beauty, elegance, and charm in one place, and it's considered the essence of the vibrant heart of New Cairo. When viewed from a distance, Nile Boulevard appears as a historical French city with stunning creative details that shine on the skyline. As you approach it, you'll discover a comprehensive world sparkling before you, spanning an area of 29 acres, far from the noise and commotion of other worlds. The boundaries of Nile Boulevard have been cleverly designed, making it easy for residents to access services within just 3 to 5 minutes on foot, right next to their homes.

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“Nile Business City” embraces the sky of the Administrative Capital

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