1 May، 2022

Nile Developments contracts with CFM a member of the Orascom Group

Nile Developments contracts with CFM a member of the Orascom GroupNile Developments contracts with CFM a member of the Orascom Group

Emphasizing its desire to provide the best quality to its customers, Nile Developments – one of the largest real estate companies in Egypt – announced its Contrack with Contract Facilities Management (CFM) – one of the Orascom Group companies – to provide integrated facilities management solutions for the construction of the first Festival Tower in The New Administrative Capital, as part of the Nile Developments Company’s keenness to contract with major companies in all stages of the construction of the first Festival Tower, to ensure its implementation at the highest level to become an icon for multi-use towers in the Administrative Capital.

The services to be provided by Contrack Facilities Management (CFM) for the construction of the first Festival Tower in the New Administrative Capital include consulting services and facility management for the project in the planning stages and studying the needs of new facilities, and was chosen by Nile Developments, due to the long and extended experiences. The company has over 15 years, during which it succeeded in providing its services to more than 130 clients of major companies in Egypt, including Cairo Festival City Mall, Nile City Towers, Al Shaya Group, Smart Village, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Al Masa Capital Hotel in the Administrative Capital, the third phase of the Grand Egyptian Museum, Damac Parke avenue and several banks and embassies, Thanks to its keenness to provide its customers with the best possible quality while at the same time complying with environmental standards.

The Nile Developments Company’s project is located on an area of more than 18,000 square meters with a main facade of 100 meters in the touristic towers area in “Downtown” in the New Administrative Capital, which is a distinctive area with its view of the Green River and several important projects, and the tower consists of 36 floors with a height of 131 Meters, and it includes commercial units (shops, restaurants, and cafes), administrative offices, medical clinics, and hotel apartments, in addition to many facilities for customer service and tower visitors, comparable to those of the most famous similar towers regionally and internationally.


Eng. Mohamed Taher, Chairman of Nile Developments, said that as part of the company’s endeavor to launch new real estate products with unconventional specifications, it selects partners who have long and previous business experiences with successful projects to achieve this goal, especially since the real estate market needs new ideas and innovative, especially in administrative, commercial and hotel sectors, which is what the company aims to achieve during the coming period.

For his part, Eng. Mahmoud Taher, Vice Chairman of Nile Developments, said that the company raises the slogan of quality comes first, so it is keen to carefully choose the companies participating in the implementation of its projects, to provide the best quality to its customers in all stages, whether in design, and therefore Dr. Engineer Asaad Salama’s office, which is one of the largest consulting offices in the Arab world, and today we chose to contract with CFM company that has the experience and previous work in implementing huge projects in Egypt.

For his part, Karim Mamoun, head of the commercial sector of the Nile Developments company, said that choosing the largest companies to establish the first Festival Tower in Egypt in the New Administrative Capital project increases the competitiveness of the project and the confidence of our customers in our keenness to provide them with the best services, and is consistent with the company’s strategy to make The project an icon for multi-use towers in the Administrative Capital and the real estate sector in general.

It is noteworthy that the Nile and Al-Ahram Real Estate Development Group announced in September 2018 the merging of their assets and projects together, to maximize the optimal use of the various projects of the two companies, and meet all customers’ demands, and the company has a huge project portfolio that exceeded 100 projects in New Cairo, and more than 35% were delivered.


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Explore 31 North Tower, the first Festival Tower located in the heart of the New Administrative Capital. It boasts a unique iconic design and a prime location in the Downtown area, one of the most upscale and significant areas in the New Administrative Capital. It extends over a total area of 18,306 square meters and features a main façade spanning 100 meters with a captivating view of the Green River and vast green spaces surrounding it. The building is designed according to the latest global standards to achieve the highest levels of luxury and productivity simultaneously. It comprises 31 upper floors, in addition to 5 lower floors.


Nile Business City, the unique vertical city, is considered the tallest vertical city in Africa and is located in the New Administrative Capital. It ranks as the second tallest skyscraper in Egypt and the third tallest tower in Africa. This massive city sprawls over the largest constructed area, covering 296,000 square meters, with its towers reaching a height of 233 meters. It boasts 60 elevators.


Discover 'Tycoon Tower,' the tallest hotel in Africa, soaring to a height of 233 meters. It's an exceptional real estate project that sets a new global standard as the tallest hotel on the African continent. This unique architectural marvel is part of the Nile Business City Towers, the latest historic addition to the skyline of the Downtown area in the New Administrative Capital. This massive project, developed by Nile Real Estate Development Company, is the largest to date. The hotel boasts a stunning design and contemporary interior, featuring an Infinity Pool on the rooftop with breathtaking 365-degree views of Downtown and the New Administrative Capital. As the tallest hotel in Africa, Tycoon Tower will become the most prominent hotel landmark in the New Administrative Capital. The hotel offers direct views of the Green River and a wealth of amenities, making it an attractive destination for local residents and international visitors, elevating its status as a unique property in one of the world's most exciting cities. These global features make Tycoon Tower one of the most thrilling investments in our rapidly growing portfolio


Discover Nile Boulevard, an architectural masterpiece inspired by the magnificent French style, offering a unique lifestyle. It is an artistic creation with an unparalleled urban charm, combining beauty, elegance, and splendor in one place. Situated in the vibrant heart of New Cairo, from a distance, it resembles a classic French city with creative details hanging on the horizon. As you get closer, you uncover a complete world that shimmers, spreading across an area of 29 acres, far from the noise and commotion of other worlds. The boundaries of Nile Boulevard have been cleverly designed, making it easy for residents to access services within just 3 to 5 minutes on foot, right next to their homes.

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Nile Developments contracts with CFM a member of the Orascom Group

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